Press Clipping
SONG BIRDS…Sylvia McNair: Subject to Change, Alyssa Allgood: Out of the Blue

Two ways to approach the jazz lexicon; uptown and downtown.

Sylvia McNair brings a Broadway-flavored sound and delivery during this collection of standards that have her performing at the Aspen Music Festival back in 2013. She mixes her perky voice with clear enunciation on “Everybody Says Don’t” while glowing with class and “The More I See You.” A moody “Summertime” is well contrasted with a two stepping stomper of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” while classical piano provides framework on “It’s Good To Hear You Again.” Between songs is some intimate chatting with the audience that gets you, and keeps you in the mood for a good time. Nice evening out with style.

Alyssa Allgood has a clean and fluid voice and teams up well with a bopping band of Dan Chase/B3, Tim Fitzgerald/g, Chris Madsen/sax and Matt Plaskota/dr. Her selection of material is spotless, breathing new life into “Moment’s Notice” with Plaskota’s ride cymbal clearing the path for Madsen’s tenor. She gets bluesy on the shuffling “Dig Dis” and gently bops on “Beatrice” while she hovers over Fitzgerald’s guitar on “Peace.” Best of all is an alluring read of “Ceora” which is sublime in its charms. This lady has some style!